Unify your

B2B Relations

Less maintaining, more relations

  • Schedule meetings with no effort
  • Share your availability, location etc.
  • Focus more on people


Tailored to businessmen and freelancers

A life-changer for professionals who regularly attend in-person or remote meetings across several companies or projects

longlat.io focuses on three aspects of your professional relations: time, place and people.


Spend less time on managing your time and arrangements

Focus on the more important stuff, by total or partial automation of the time management process

Let people know when and where they can meet you in person

Let the computers do the processing work you are forced to but can avoid

Invest more in your relationships with customers or professionals

Unify messaging channels and communicate with people, not apps

We believe in people

People's needs are the most important. Focus on them more - we know how to do it.

By years of experience, we've developed good practices and tools that allow us to spend less time and effort on business relationship supervision. As a group of freelancers turned entrepreneurs we know key nuances of working with people across multiple projects. We know that in a professional relationship, people's needs and their experiences are the most important. We know how unnecessary time and effort of management itself can be avoided.